Thinking Cap Learning Management System (LMS)

The Thinking Cap Learning Management System (LMS) targets all your training needs across all your training devices. 

It’s easy to set up, customizable beyond anything you've seen, and totally secure. It’s flexible enough to handle as many learners as you need it to – and robust enough to deliver detailed tracking and reporting on each and every one of them.

Thinking Cap LMS is a cloud delivered service that includes the LMS itself as well as training, mentorship and support to help you make best use of our service to deliver and track training all kinds of blended learning. The LMS is focused on Customers who have a strong need to have precise control over all aspects of the Learner Experience, have multiple independent and intertwined Learner Communities or have complex rules for the delivery of Learning. In short, Thinking Cap is the LMS for customers that have a complicated story but don’t want a complicated system. At Thinking Cap you will find a system that is easy to get started with but never lets you down when you start to face the real world requirements of modern training and compliance workloads.

Unparalleled Branding and Segmentation

Most LMS vendors think branding is letting you pick some colors and fonts? We take a different view. We think it means the power to define a Learning Experience (Lx) with the same control as your website. Thinking Cap leads the way on Look and Feel options from simple choices all the way to control over CSS and JavaScript.   Rename pages and even supply your own wording. Did we mention these designs flow effortlessly across all devices and platforms? Intrigued?  Now take all this control and apply it to multiple audiences all from a single LMS.

Want to hear a secret? To demonstrate how far you can take branding options we have built this whole site using just the LMS alone.

Limitless Possibilities

Screenshot showing the first of many pages of learner view branding options.

Perfect for Blended Learning

Learning comes in many different formats, and your LMS needs to be comfortable across the full spectrum of eLearning, Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Assessments and even less formal real world Learning Activities like Comprehension and Demonstration. For the technologically inclined, you’ll be happy to know we’re SCORM Certified by the ADL and can run any SCORM 1.2 or 2004 package. Don’t have SCORM packages? No problem we will convert your PDF, PowerPoint or videos for you on the fly.

Learn more about the Learning Activity Types supported in Thinking Cap.

Blended Learning

Screenshot showing a sample learning path as viewed by a learner that contains various types of learning activities such as elearning courses, instructor-led courses, comprehensions, demonstrations and portfolios.

Learning Paths Tie it all Together

Learning Paths are your key to keep learners on track. They let you define your own set of curricula, certification requirements, department goals, job definitions, or any other matrix you need. You can also use Learning Paths for talent and competency management. You can easily build your Paths and set up rules without any code – it’s all done visually.

What would you do with Learning Paths?

Learning Paths

Screenshot showing a sample learning path being created

Superior Security and Data Protection

At Thinking Cap, we take your privacy and security very seriously. Our rigorous standards allow us to maintain and respect numerous industry protocols and requirements for our global client base.

We safeguard your data on many levels, from the use of powerful Single Sign On technology and password encryption to lock down access to the LMS, to challenge questions and proctor sign-in to validate a learner who’s taking an exam.

We’re vigilant about keeping your learners and the integrity of your program safe.

  • Secure online payments

    If you take payments online, you can rest easy knowing your Thinking Cap LMS is housed in A PCI DSS Level 1 facility.

  • Are you governed by FDA 21 CRA Part 11?

    We proactively take steps to address the FDA’s requirements for guarding against intrusion and protecting data.

  • How we protect your security

    Your Thinking Cap LMS uses a roles-based system of security that uses a combination of permissions to build a model that reflects your organization. These roles are applied on a domain-by-domain basis. Transparency is key to your security. Every action taken by the system or by any user is stored in the action log. When we add every SCORM API call, you’ve got an auditable trace of every action stored permanently in a log. How long do we keep those logs? Forever.

Easy Integration and Single Sign-On

Thinking Cap was created to work with the sites and systems you already have. You can pull any data from any part of your Thinking Cap LMS and embed it in your own applications, and your systems can send data to Thinking Cap as actions.

It’s easy to add a user, enrol a learner, or update the details for an ILT location. A Single Sign-On (SSO makes the login process seamless and secure for your users.

OpenID Google (OpenID) Yahoo! (OpenID)
Facebook (OpenID) LinkedIn (OpenID) SAML 2.0 Shibboleth Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Twitter (OpenID) OAuth 2.0 JWT Ping Identity

Rich Reporting

Tracking the totality of learning is what your Thinking Cap LMS is about. We offer reports that are easy to define and let you apply any number of filters based on User Metadata. You can view reports on screen, as PDFs, Excel or export the raw data to XML. You can even schedule your reports to run when you want them automatically and have them delivered to any number of recipients.


Thinking Cap Features in Depth

With 385 discreet functions (and growing), Thinking Cap is a robust, dependable and flexible LMS that can deliver everything your company or industry demands of it. Here’s how.

  • Move Domains in the tree as your organization changes
  • “Global Domain” holds Courses, Assessments and Learning Paths; distributed from Global to individual Domains via Metadata Matching
  • Global Domain shares Certificates, Locations, Metadata Fields, Series, Locations, Activities and Objectives with the entire Organization
  • Each Domain owns its own set of Certificates, Locations, Metadata Fields, Series, Locations, Activities and Objectives
  • Gateway to any Domain via its own URL
  • Brand Each Gateway via “Learner View” tools belonging to each domain to set your own unique look and feel. Options include graphics, slideshows, fonts, sizes, colours and custom CSS and JavaScript.
  • Define the Categories and Sub Categories for Learners to browse Course and Learning Paths in a Domain’s Learner View
  • Set Date and Time Display and time zone on a Domain-by-Domain basis
  • Turn off and on services in the LMS so only the functions you need are shown in the User Interface. When you need them just flip the switch and they become available again.
  • View important upcoming events and reminders via the agenda tab
  • “My Courses” and “My Learning Paths” tabs show learners their courses and learning paths by: those actively enrolled in; those that have been completed; those with accreditation expired; or those currently available to you to enroll in or purchase
  • “The Catalogue” provides a hierarchical view of courses, assessments and learning paths to let you browse by categories and sub categories
  • View and participate in all your forums and chat rooms in one place via the “Social” Tab
  • Define personal availability and set exception weeks to control when a user can be enrolled in an ILT, or set as the moderator or teaching assistant for an ITL
  • Full text searching of courses and learning paths and related content
  • Add a personal profile or give permission to share your profile for Linked in or Facebook
  • Explore glossary of terms built manually by administrators and dynamically generated by glossary terms found in imported course packages
  • Use “My Learners” tab to administer your direct reports without going into the administrative side of the LMS. This includes enrolling learners in courses, authenticating their activities, proctoring their courses and viewing their transcripts. Perfect for line managers and mentors.
  • Assign “Roles” to users at the domain level for targeted control of learning data
  • Add users individually or in bulk from a file
  • Enroll users in courses, assessments and learning paths individually or in bulk
  • Assign “Supervisors” to learners to define reporting structures beyond the organizational structure of your domain tree
  • View or export learner transcripts for detailed view of learner’s activity
  • Discussion forums at global LMS-wide, domain and course/learning path levels
  • Moderated and non-moderated options
  • Post to forums via email replies
  • Add attachments to forum posts
  • Votes for posts and replies
  • Dynamically generated user “Reputation” scores based on vote and viewing tracking
  • Dynamic ordering of posts and replies based on quality score
  • Always-on or scheduled chat rooms at global LMS-wide, domain and course/learning path levels
  • Mailboxes for internal messaging
  • Tie internal mailbox to your external email to obfuscate your personal information (ideal for large classes)
  • Integrated shopping cart for sale of courses, assessments and learning paths to learners
  • Clear credit card transaction on the backend via PayPal, PayPal Payflow, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Transnational or Internet Secure
  • Supports transactions in any currency
  • Supervisors may purchase for their Learners individually or in bulk
  • Set any number of pricing rules based on metadata or dates and set the order price reduction and increase rules are applied
  • Generate tokens for sales via PO and other sales channels
  • View and export sales reports and token usage reports
  • Connect Thinking Cap directly to your accounting system via Web Services for instantaneous access to sales data

Stay on top of it all with Automated Notifications

Your Thinking Cap LMS helps you keep an eye on everything with a robust system of 21 notifications, many of which you can select to turn off globally or set on a course-by-course basis. You can even define the text for the subject and body and personalize them with “power tags.”

  • Purchase notification
  • Enrollment notification
  • Enrollment request pending notification
  • Enrollment declined notification
  • Withdrawal approved notification
  • Withdrawal declined notification
  • Due date reminder (three definable time intervals)
  • Past-due notification
  • Completion notification
  • Accreditation expiry reminder
  • Assignment submitted receipt
  • Assignment reviewed notification
  • Instructor-Led session is starting notification (Learner)
  • Instructor-Led session is Starting (moderator/teaching assistant)
  • Activity completion required reminder
  • Evidence document rejected
  • Account created notification
  • Forgotten password helper
  • Password changed by learner notification
  • Scheduled report ready notification
  • Ad Hoc report ready notification

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