What is an Extended Enterprise LMS?

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It is an LMS where multiple departments can work in a combination of shared and Isolated modes. In Thinking Cap we define an organization via a Tree Structure were each branch is a domain. Domains can Inherit settings from their parent Domains, can share Activities with one another and can strike the perfect balance of centralization and independence.


An Extended Enterprise LMS lets one LMS service the entire organization without forcing all departments to select the lowest common denominator. Thinking Cap lets each department design its own Learning Program while benefiting from commonalities that simplify workflow.

  • Individual URLs and Learning Experiences for Domains
  • Unique Branding for Each Domain with the Ability to Inherit some or all branding settings from a Parent.
  • Sharing Rules where Activities can be automatically pulled in from other Domains and apply your own Enrollment Rules.
  • Allow Denial of Inheritance when you have resources as a Parent Level you don’t want used in Child Domains.
  • Shaded Integrations and Membership rules so Users are automatically added to the correct domains.


Can a User exist in more than one Domain?
Yes, A User can exist in more than one Domain and if that user is an Administrator, they can be assigned different Security Roles in each domain.

Can Constraints be placed on Child Domains?
Yes, You can set up Security Settings, Roles, Language support, Nomenclature, Activity Pre-sets and much more to maintain centralize consistency across the LMS or apart therein.

Is there a limit to the number of domains I have?
No, build the tree that represents your Learning Communities and uses the built-in tools to add to, Delete and restructure your domains as your Enterprise changes.

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