Blended Learning

Group of learners in training session - one of many delivery options

Thinking Cap supports many distinct Learning Activities. We even use a system of “Equivalencies” to track where two or more Activities can be substituted for each other. Are you only using one type primarily today? Don’t worry what you don’t need today will stay out of your way in Thinking Cap but will be there when you need it.

Online Courses

Thinking Cap is a SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Certified LMS. No matter which authoring tool you use you know that your packages will run as expected in Thinking Cap. Don’t have a SCORM package? Not a problem; Thinking Cap will take your PFD, Video and PowerPoint files and convert them into course automatically.

Instructor-Led Training

Your Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses can have any number of sessions, taking place at a specific location or through a webinar. Customize your ILT with maximum class sizes, wait-listing, optional and required sessions, as well as many different modes of attendance management.


You can create an assessment in any tool and bring it in as a SCORM package or you can produce it using our own internal editor, which lets you create quizzes with choice and matching questions. Save time by saving questions to our Bank for reuse. You even have the option to have question groups that are randomized and weighted. IN addition to stand alone tests and quizzes Thinking Cap allows assessments to be added onto he end of any other Learning Activity. Use this tool to assess learners after a Comprehension Activity or to test learners after an Instructor-Led session.


Learning is doing. Demonstration Activities allow Learners to show what they know and then allow the right supervisors to sign off that they have seen it. Use Demonstrations on their own or as part of a Learning Path.


Sometimes you just need a light weight interaction with a learner to get a Video or Document in front of them. Comprehension activities are about just in time learning around a targeted subject and collecting an eSignature from the learner that they have watched or read the material. Comprehension activities make quick work of rapidly changing compliance requirements.


Many learning moments happen away from the LMS and the organization. Portfolio Activities are personal and range from simply declaring you have achieved a skill to uploading documentary evidence in support of a level obtained at an outside provider.

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