Unparalleled Branding and Segmentation

Your Thinking Cap LMS is built as a tree of domains that can have as many or as few domains and sub-domains as you need, depending on your learning audience. Think of each domain as a mini-LMS that can have its own users, courses, learning paths and metadata. Best of all, you can apply unique branding and site maps to each domain for unique Learner Experiences (LX). You can discreetly track each group, separate them with firewalls, brand them, and assign unique URLs for access.

We have crafted each page of the administrative interface to help you get work done fast and efficiently.

Finally an LMS that isn't flat

Most LMSs are flat. Thinking Cap is based on a tree structure that allows creation of any kind of hierarchical organization. All customers start with one root node. For many of our customers this is all they will ever need. But some customers need to create new domains to segment their audience and develop new and different learning programs. Common reasons to spawn a new Domain include:

  1. Create a Unique Leaner Experience with unique branding
  2. Separate Administrative Responsibility
  3. Define different, even contrary, business rules
  4. Segment Groups of Different business units

When you create a new domain it can inherit settings from its parent or can be a clean slate where you can ignore all that was before and drive off in a new direction. At the core each domain is its own LMS. You control how much is shared and inherited between your domains. You can even change your tree as your business changes. Thinking Cap is about flexibility and agility.

Screenshot showing a domain tree in the LMS Admin View

Complexity Made Simple

An LMS is one of the most complicated systems in the enterprise. For the Learners this is all hidden and nothing is complicated. They never have to ask a single question because we spend time putting what they need right in front of them. For administrators it is not so straight forward. Thinking Cap allows for an enormous amount of administrative choices and in doing so we run the risk of alienating those who need to use the system day in and day out. Is it easy? No, of course not. An LMS that can be administered without training and experience can’t manage the logistical nuance demanded by our customers. If not easy then logical, accommodating, predicable and consistent may be better goals. Here are a few ways we try to achieve them.

Screenshot showing the simple-to-use administrative view of the LMS.

Automated Data Integration

Manage Data Automatically, Semi Automatically or One By One as you require.

Thinking Cap has the capability to be integrated to your data via a wide range of Web Services and SSO. But when that is not an option we have tools that allow you to modify large sets of data via a clean and quick user interface.

But what about when you are dealing with massive amounts of data beyond that which you would want to do by hand? When this is your need we allow you to make mass imports of data via spreadsheets. You can bulk enroll 10,000 users and set each up with the correct security roles, domain membership and course enrollments. The next day you can remove 1,000 of them and change half of their metadata all via spreadsheets.

Screenshot showing a bulk user upload for enrollment

Speak your language in your LMS

Just because you bought a new LMS doesn’t mean you want to learn a new language. Is it a Course a or a Module? Enroll or Enrol? A Learning Path or a Competency Map. You tell us. Via a Nomenclature tool and the ability to override any of of our translation strings you can customize the LMS to follow your naming conventions.

Screenshot showing the nomenclature options in the LMS

It’s easy to add a user, enrol a learner, or update the details for an ILT location. A Single Sign-On (SSO makes the login process seamless and secure for your users.

Screenshot showing the SSO authentication options in the LMS

¿No hablan Inglés?

Not to worry. Our LMS supports many languages out-of-the-box including Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and Western Armenian. Don't see what you need? Let us know and we will add it.

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