Hello, We’re Thinking Cap

Thinking Cap Office

We’re passionate about what we do

Thinking Cap is our logo and our ethos – there is science, magic, and just a bit of whimsy in our Thinking Cap, in us, and in our clients.

We’re trusted by our clients

Since our start in 2001, we’ve grown to deliver Learning Management Solutions to happy clients on four continents. These clients run the gamut from corporate, higher education, associations, and non-profits. Hundreds of thousands of learners have expanded their knowledge, skills and expertise with help from Thinking Cap.

We never stop growing and learning

Every year, we head to Toronto Island to hold a Thinking Camp in a retired elementary school. We bring along some clients and friends and together we brainstorm the direction of the system and the company as a whole. We are transparent, honest, and visionary.

What Sets Us Apart

The attention you deserve

Your company is unique and you can count on getting the personalized attention, service and support you need to succeed. We get to know you personally because we’ve learned that continuity is key for you to get the most out of our services.

The solution that's right for you

We don’t sell software; we partner with you to help you meet your challenges and reach your learning goals. No matter what systems you’ve got in place, we’ll find the Thinking Cap solution that suits you best, then integrate it seamlessly.

The customization you need

When we first meet you, we’ll have 90% of what you need, right out of the box. What sets us apart is what we do to fill in that last 10%. If it’s right for your company, we’ll add a new rule, a new report, or a new function. What you need, you get.

Clear pricing that fits your budget

We’re committed to helping you get the most out of your budget, so you can find an affordable solution no matter what size your company is. And that price is for the entire LMS – what you see is what you pay. There are no add-ons.

Standards you can live with

You can rest assured that our products follow strict industry standards for learning, security, and usability. We were the second LMS to be SCORM 2004 certified and we’re participating in the ongoing development of industry standards.

A partner, every step of the way

Everything we know, we learned the hard way. We are stove touchers. But we do learn and grow. And we do it for you. When we do better, you do better. When we progress, you progress. When we succeed, you succeed.

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